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The Zoom Dura Rocket Stove

The world-famous Zoom Dura Rocket stove. The original and still the bestseller!

EcoZoom's Zoom Dura, model ZD-WMC26 burns wood and other dry, solid biomass.

It features an abrasion resistant and durable ceramic combustion chamber with a 10 cm in diameter vertical section that forces the gases to mix with the flame, decreasing harmful emissions. The Zoom Dura adds a refractory metal liner to the inside of the combustion chamber that protects the ceramic insulation, increases the life of your stove, and improves combustion efficiency. This stove also features a reinforced metal doorframe for increased durability and stove life and installation sockets on the doorframe to hold the improved stick support system. The Zoom Dura features a durable, reformulated 6-pronged cast iron stovetop that improves heat transfer for all pots including round bottom pots and woks. The bottom of the combustion chamber is lined with a custom fit replaceable, abrasion-resistant, and kiln-fired tile to increase the life of your stove.

The Zoom Stoves are wood burning models that save 1-3 tons of carbon emissions per year, use up to 56% less fuel and burn 70% cleaner than the open fire. It can also pay for itself in fuel savings in a few months. The stove is a safe, portable option that is accepted and used by cooks on six continents.

Great for:
  • Campers
  • Hunters
  • Boaters
  • Emergencies
  • Wilderness Excursions
  • Preppers

Instructional video (applicable to all models):


EcoZoom Dura Light - Fuel Efficient Biomass Rocket Stove

EcoZoom Dura Light - Fuel Efficient Biomass Rocket Stove

EcoZoom Dura Light

Fuel Efficient Biomass "Rocket" Stove

Weight: 16 lbs
Stove: D-10 3/4” H-11 1/2 in”
Door: W-4 1/2” H-4 1/4”


  • Shipping Weight: 21.5lbs / 9.75kg
  • Refractory metal liner on ceramic combustion chamber
  • Abrasion-resistant, lightweight ceramic insulation
  • 6-pronged universal cast iron stove top
  • Adjustable galvanized steel Pot Skirt
  • Stick support with installation sockets
  • Painted sheet metal body with reinforced doors
  • Kiln-fired removable bottom tile
  • Plastic and steel handle

Manufacturer: EcoZoom

EcoZoom Dura Stove (S&H $15)







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